Professor Michael T. Burrows

        Professor Burrows with the coastal ocean in the background

Marine Ecologist

My research goal is to scale up from the ecology of individual animals and plants to populations, communities and ultimately whole ecosystems. I do this by a) studying the behaviour of animals and the fate of plants at the scale of individual organisms, and using this information to predict how groups of individuals might perform; b)  documenting ecosystem-scale patterns in biodiversity, and to link these patterns with important environmental variables like water flow or food supply; and c) making ecological models that try to unify processes acting at different scales into a holistic understanding of ecosystems

Most of this work is set in between the tidemarks on rocky shores and sandy beaches among the habitats and species I know best.

Contact details:

Research interests

  • >Responses of marine populations and communities to climate change
  • >Processes structuring coastal ecosystems
  • >Primary production by macroalgae and contributions to coastal food webs and carbon stores

Current research projects

Integrated Macroecology and Modelling to Elucidate Regulation of Services from Ecosystems (MERP). Funded by NERC. 2014-2017

Shifting climate as a predictor for change in marine biodiversity at local, regional and global scales (VELOCITY). Funded by the Research Council of Norway. 2014-2017

ECOWATT2050: Impacts of Very Large Scale Arrays and their Regulation. Funded by EPSRC. 2013-2017

Selected past research projects

A hierarchical approach to the examination of the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem service flows across coastal margins (CBESS). Funded by NERC. 2014-2017

Large scale interactive coupled 3D modelling for wave and tidal energy resource and environmental impact (TERAWATT). Funded by EPSRC. 2011-2014

Towards an integrative theory of recruitment in marine benthic organisms. Funded by NERC. 2010-2013

Impacts of ocean acidification on key benthic ecosystems, communities, habitats, species and life cycles. Funded by NERC. 2010-2013

Consultancy and industry experience

Over the last decade I have led several large reports providing conservation advice to UK bodies including Scottish Natural Heritage and the UK Joint Nature Conservation Committee on topics ranging from establishing criteria for status assessment of coastal habitats, measuring and monitoring effects of climate change, coastal Blue Carbon and stock assessment for coastal seaweeds (see publications for links to these reports).


Accessing consultancy services from SAMS

SAMS consultancy work is delivered through its wholly owned commercial subsidiary, SAMS Research Services Ltd. (SRSL). SRSL operates a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) that is accredited to ISO9001:2008 standard, guaranteeing that all projects deliver the best possible service to our customers. All SRSL projects are planned by a professional programme manager who oversees a team of dedicated project managers, all of whom are focussed specifically on client delivery, and have scientific experience and technical expertise in fields relevant to their assigned projects.

For further information concerning commercial enterprise opportunities at SAMS, please contact SRSL by email ( or phone +44 (0) 1631 559 470.


Marine Science BSc: Module leader for 'Marine Modelling' 4th year module

Marine Science BSc: Project supervisor for 4th year double module 'Dissertation'

Marine Science BSc: Guest lectures on climate-change impacts on several modules


List of current research students

Mairi MacArthur: Geodiversity and marine biodiversity interaction: enhancing ecosystem service provision on rocky and engineered coasts. PhD 2015-2018. University of Glasgow

Claudia Meneghesso: Upwelling and Biodiversity in a Climate Change context. PhD 2015-2019. University of Porto, Portugal


List of alumni research students

Laura Hobbs. Diel vertical migration of zooplankton across the Arctic. PhD 2013-2016. UHI Millennium Institute/Aberdeen University

Zoe Hutcheson.  Impacts of renewable energy developments on benthic fauna. PhD 2012-2015. UHI Millennium Institute/Aberdeen University

Raeanne Miller. Offshore renewable energy structures: implications for dispersal, population connectivity, and biogeography of coastal species. PhD 2010-2013. UHI Millennium Institute/Aberdeen University

Gill Andrew. Biodiversity and ecosystem function: trophic diversity versus species diversity in intertidal grazers and filter feeders as revealed by stable isotopes and diets. PhD 2006-2011. UHI Millennium Institute/Aberdeen University

Richard Shucksmith. Biological invasions: The role of biodiversity in determining community susceptibility to invasion. PhD 2004-2007. UHI Millennium Institute/Aberdeen University

Gail Ashton. Biological invasions - quantifying the impact of alien species on marine ecosystems, using the introduction of the amphipod Caprella mutica to the west coast of Scotland as a case study. PhD 2003-2006. UHI Millennium Institute/Open University

Paul Crozier. The Impact of Fishing on Populations of Deep-water Chondrichthyan and Teleost Fishes of the Northeast Atlantic. PhD 1999-2006. UHI Millennium Institute/Aberdeen University

Kate Cresswell. Penguin-krill interactions at South Georgia – an in situ approach.  PhD 2003-2006. British Antarctic Survey/Open University

Richard Shelmerdine. Large-scale forcing of coastal communities. PhD 2003-2006. UHI Millennium Institute/Open University

Natalie Frost. The influence of topographical complexity on community development on rocky shores. PhD 1998-2001. University of Southampton, Southampton

Herbie Smith. Models of speciation by sexual selection. PhD 1996-1999.  University of Southampton, Southampton

Simeon Hill. Search strategies of marine benthic predators.  PhD 1994-1997. University of Wales, Bangor

Reports since 2014

Burrows MT, Smale D, O’Connor N, Rein HV, Moore PJ (2014a) Marine Strategy Framework Directive Indicators for UK Kelp Habitats Part 1: Developing proposals for potential indicators. Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Peterborough, UK.

Burrows MT, Kamenos NA, Hughes DJ, Stahl H, Howe JA, Tett P (2014b) Assessment of carbon budgets and potential blue carbon stores in Scotland’s coastal and marine environment. Scottish Association for Marine Science.

Burrows MT, Hughes DJ, Austin WEN et al. (2017) Assessment of blue carbon resources in Scotland’s inshore MPA network. Scottish Association for Marine Science.

Burrows, M.T., Twigg, G., Mieszkowska, N., Harvey, R. (2016) Marine Biodiversity and Climate Change (MarClim) Scotland 2014/15: Final Report. Scottish Association for Marine Science.

Burrows, M.T., Mieszkowska, N., Harvey, R., Hawkins, S.J. (2017) Development of an MSFD intertidal rocky shore indicator for climate change response and an interim assessment of UK shores. Scottish Association for Marine Science.

Peer-reviewed publications since 2011

Kaiser, M. J., Burrows, M. T. & Hughes, H. (2011) Introduction. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 430, 99-101.

Heymans JJ, Howell KL, Ayers M, Burrows MT, Gordon JDM, Jones E, Neat F (2011) Do we have enough information to apply the ecosystem approach to management of deep-sea fisheries? An example from the West of Scotland. ICES J Mar Sci 68, 265-280.

Poloczanska, E. S., Smith, S., Fauconnet, L., Healy, J., Tibbetts, I. R., Burrows, M. T. & Richardson, A. J. (2011) Little change in the distribution of rocky shore faunal communities on the Australian east coast after 50 years of rapid warming. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 400, 145-154.

Gibson, R. N., Burrows, M. T. & Robb, L. (2011) Field experiments on depth selection by juvenile plaice Pleuronectes platessa. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 430, 197-205.

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Other publications

Aleynik D, Adams T, Davidson K, Dale A, Porter M, Black K, Burrows M (2018) Biophysical modeling of marine organisms: fundamentals and applications to management of coastal waters.  Environmental Management of Marine Ecosystems. Edited by Md. Nazrul Islam & Sven Erik Jorgensen CRC press ISBN 9781498767729  pp 65-98

Employment history

Since 2011: Professor in Marine Ecology; SAMS

2009 – 2013: Head Ecology Department; SAMS

1991 – 2009: Senior Researcher in Marine Ecology; SAMS

1986– 1990: Postdoctoral Researcher; University College of N Wales, Bangor


1995 – 1999 Ph.D. Marine Ecology: University of Manchester and The Marine Biological Association, Plymouth

Dissertation: The Comparative Biology of Chthamalus stellatus (Poli) and Chthamalus montagui Southward

1979– 1982: B.Sc. (Hons.) Marine Biology 1st Class. University of Liverpool