Heather McConnell

Scientific Aquarium Assistant

I have a background in zoology, having received my master’s in applied Zoo Biology. 

I was working as a zoo keeper before moving to Scotland. I have also spent some time working as a freshwater assistant at Kames Fish Farm.  

During my education and work I have found my focus shifting towards marine biology, with much of my university research focusing on fish.

Contact details:
  • Heather.McConnell@sams.ac.uk
  • +44 (0)01631 559 000

I am involved in the technical delivery of aquarium-based research and support researchers in the planning and design of experimental systems. 

I contribute to the general maintenance of aquarium infrastructure and the husbandry of research animals. 



2021 MSc Applied Zoo Biology; University Centre Sparsholt

2019 BSc Zoology; University of Bristol


Employment history

Since 2022 Scientific Aquarium Assistant; SAMS

Jun-Nov 2021 Zoo Keeper; Woburn Safari Park

Aug 2020 - Feb 2021 Zoo Keeper; Cotsworld Wildlife Park



McConnell H, Brereton J, Rice T, Rose P (2022) Do birds of a feather always flock together? Assessing differences in group and individual zoo enclosure usage by comparing commonly available methods. J Zoo Bot Gard. 3(1); 71-88. https://doi.org/10.3390/jzbg3010007