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    #WhaleTalk 2023
    Marine Mammals Campaign

#WhaleTalk 2023

Of all the creatures in the marine environment, whales and dolphins are among the most recognisable and best-known. However, we rarely get a glimpse into their underwater world, which is changing rapidly due to human impacts and climate change. We can't necessarily see marine mammals in their deep underwater habitat, but we can listen.

Underwater acoustic technology helps scientists to identify species and their location. The sounds also reveal patterns of behaviour and migrations. As humans develop technology to further exploit the ocean's natural resources, can we learn more about the behaviours of these creatures by listening more?

The #WhaleTalk campaign aims to highlight the research expertise in marine mammal research at SAMS. Through increased awareness, we hope to demonstrate the importance of long-term monitoring of marine mammals and raise public awareness of marine mammal sounds and behaviours in Scottish waters.



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SAMS deploy an acoustic mooring for WOPAM day

Marine Mammals at SAMS