Cecilia Rad Menéndez

        A smiling Ceci looking at a flask with diatoms

CCAP Curator

Ceci is the CCAP curator. She has worked in the collection since 2007 isolating, characterising, and maintaining different groups of cyanobacteria, microalgae, macroalgae and protozoa. She is responsible for the molecular characterization of CCAP strains and has developed several cryopreservation protocols for both micro- and macroalgae.

Her main interest is the diversity of protists and unveiling some of the mysteries hidden within this extraordinary group.

Contact details:

I am the curator of certain groups of microalgae, seaweeds and protozoa from the Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa, and my role involves the isolation of new strains, and the morphological and molecular identification of both, newly isolated strains and CCAP holdings. I develop cryopreservation protocols for certain strains to ensure their stability over time. I am also involved in several research projects looking into algae-pathogen interactions.

My main interest is phytoplankton diversity and populations, especially diatoms; and their wider role in the marine environment. I am also very interested in the diversity of algae pathogens and their interactions.


Current projects

CCAP (NERC National Capability)



Darwin Tree of Life



Marine Science BSc: I lecture about protists on the year 1 module 'Fundamentals of Marine Biology' and run a practical on microalgae and protista identification



2011 MSc by Research 'Genotypic and phenotypic stability within Thalassiosira pseudonana (Bacillariophyta)'

2003 BSc (Hons) Licenciatura en Biologia. Oviedo University


Employment history

Since 2007 Support Scientist. SAMS

2005-07 Culture Collection Scientist. Aquapharm Biodiscovery Ltd 

Scientific papers

Darienko T, Rad-Menéndez C, Campbell CM, Pröschold T (2021) Molecular phylogeny of unicellular marine coccoid green algae revealed new insights systematics of the Ulvophyceae (Chlorophyta). Microorganisms 9, 1586. https://doi.org/10.3390/microorganisms9081586

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