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The study used farmed salmon biomass in Scottish marine waters to calculate nutrient load added to the water column from fish farms

Wed, Nov 29, '23

No link between salmon farming and harmful algae blooms

Analysis based on current levels of salmon farming activities

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The AutoNaut autonomous surface vehicle remotely collected data from subsea sensors

Fri, Nov 24, '23

Technology breakthrough in ocean data recovery

Unmanned vessel data collection marks new era in oceanography

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Prof Michael Burrows has been included on the Clarivate Highly Cited Researchers List for the fourth consecutive year

Wed, Nov 15, '23

Marine heatwave professor on highly cited list

Influential marine ecologist recognised on global list of scientists

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A line of seaweed on the SAMS seaweed farm

Tue, Nov 14, '23

Public trust needed to power UK seaweed industry

New report outlines steps to gaining 'social licence'

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Latest papers

Fish-Killing Marine Algal Blooms: Causative Organisms, Ichthyotoxic Mechanisms, Impacts and Mitigation

GlobalHAB (Eds: Hallegraeff GM, Andeson DM, Davidson K, Gianelli F, Hansen PJ, Hegaret H, Iwataki M, Larsen TO, Mardones J, MacKenzie L, Rensel JE) 

11, 6, 2023
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Sexual dimorphism in the gonad lipidome of blue mussels (Mytilus sp.): New insights from a global lipidomics approach

Laudicella VA, Carboni S, Whitfield PD, Doherty MK, Hughes AD

Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part D: Genomics and Proteomics
10, 20, 2023
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Interactive effects of multiple stressors with significant wave height exposure on farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) welfare along an inshore-offshore gradient

Szewczyk TM, Morro B, Díaz-Gil C, Gillibrand PA, Hardwick JP, Davidson K, Aleynik D, Planellas SR

Aquaculture, 579
10, 6, 2023
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