Professor Kenneth D Black

        Photo of Professor Black in orange hard hat and swim vest with sediment core during sampling trip

SAMS Honorary Research Fellow

I have been a researcher in marine science at SAMS since 1991 and have published 80 ISI peer-reviewed journal papers on a variety of topics ranging from organic chemistry to modelling environmental impacts of aquaculture. I have been awarded over 50 research grants as PI or co-PI.

Contact details:

Summary of research interests

Most of my interests relate to modelling environmental impacts of aquaculture. n recent years I have become interested in modelling sea lice connectivity with Tom Adams and others, in renewable energy from seaweed with Adam Hughes, Michele Stanley and Maeve Kelly, and in mining impacts in PNG with Tracy Shimmield, David Hughes and John Howe.

List of current research activities

I am currently working on a review of Broad Scale Environmental Monitoring of fish farming for the Tasmanian Environmental Protection Authority with Paul Tett.

Peer-reviewed publications


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Research students: alumni

I have successfully supervised 12 PhD and one MRes students to date:

Paula Pereira

Paul Provost

Stephen Craig

Kemi Obajimi

Rebecca Dean

Richard Corner (as co-supervisor)

Liz Adey

Lindsay Vare (as co-supervisor)

Mark Shields (as co-supervisor)

Peter Schiener (as co-supervisor)

Peter Taylor (as co-supervisor)

Suzi Billing

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Caroline Carter (MRes)

Employment history

Since 2017: SAMS Honorary Research Fellow

Oct 1991 - Jul 2017: Principal Investigator in Ecology. SAMS



1989 PhD Lipid Chemistry. St Andrews

1985 BSc (Hons) Chemistry. Stirling