Dr Pedro Murúa

        Pedro Morua on fieldwork taking photos of seaweed on his phone

Honorary Research Fellow

I am an aquaculture engineer, reformed in the direction of algal pathology.

I employ microscopy, molecular and culture approaches to diagnose new algal diseases and to describe novel defence mechanisms in brown and red algae. I use NGS/Omics to refine this knowledge towards a molecular level.

After four years at SAMS working on GENIALG and GlobalSeaweedSTAR projects, I returned to Chile as a lecturer in algal diseases at the Universidad Austral de Chile but retain close collaborations with colleagues and research at SAMS.

Contact details:

My research interests centre on various aspects of seaweed biology, lately mostly directed towards algal/pathogens interactions:

  • >Description of novel algal pathogens, which includes the characterization of life cycles, dissemination and infection strategies, nutrition and development.
  • >Epidemiological aspects in brown algal populations, using brown algal endophytes-kelps as model pathosystems.
  • >Immunity of brown/red algae, starting from pathogen recognition to neutralization. In this sense, lately I have been dissecting a plethora of autophagy processes used by both host and pathogen, which can subverted towards the benefit of the opposite counterpart.

As a phycopathology less-related matter, I often collaborate with Chilean phycologists in areas related to kelp conservation biology, ecology and aquaculture.


Current research projects

I am a Post Doctoral Research Assistant on the following projects:



Peer-reviewed publications

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Other publications: reports, book, book chapters, conference papers

Murúa P 2018. Molecular and cell biology of novel brown algal pathosystems. PhD thesis in Biological Sciences. University of Aberdeen. 270 p. (Accepted with minor corrections).

Murúa P 2017. Seaweed processing in Chile, with emphasis on human consumption products. Document prepared for FAO/GLOBEFISH. 45 p.

Westermeier R, Murúa P, Patiño DJ, Muñoz L Ruiz A, Atero C. 2012. Handbook of Macrocystis integrifolia restoration in Atacama, Chile (In Spanish). Ediciones Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia, Chile. ISBN: 978-956-7105-74-8

Employment history

Since 2020 Lecturer in Algal Diseases, Universidad Austral de Chile

2018-20 PDRA in Molecular Algal Pathology. SAMS (UK)

2014-18 PhD Student. University of Aberdeen (UK)

2011-14 Research Assistant. Instituto de Acuicultura, UACh (Chile)



2018 PhD Biological Sciences. University of Aberdeen (UK)

2010 BSc (Eng) Aquaculture. Universidad Austral de Chile (Chile)