Jean-Baptiste Gaudin

        Jean-Baptiste Gaudin

Research Student

I'm a marine ecologist and biologist with a background specialising in marine invertebrates.

Throughout my student career, I have been fascinated by the question of the adaptability of these organisms in relation to global warming and understanding the genetic, epigenetic and molecular mechanisms involved, given the urgency of the ecological situation.

About myself I like sport, both team and individual, meditation and nature walk. I enjoy travelling too.

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Multi-stressor impacts on coastal Antarctic and temperate sea urchins

Coastal seas of the world are experiencing an unprecedented period of rapid change that is driven largely by human-induced alterations in climate and release of chemical contaminants into the environment.  However, life in general is very adaptable, with heritability and epigenetics as enduring mechanisms that shield future generations from effects of parental exposure to environmental stressors. To better understand adaptation and resilience in coastal keystone species, we propose to compare Antarctic and temperate sea urchins as models of molecular, genetic, epigenetic, and transgenerational effects. Understanding impacts from multiple stressors is critical to fully understand the environment which organisms are living in, and the impacts of changing those conditions.

The PhD aim is to understand the impact of preconditioning adult sea urchins to end-century elevated water temperatures on their spawning success. After exposure to multiples stress factors, the impact will be studied on the development and survival of gametes, embryos and larvae and on DNA damaging and repairing system in sea urchins populations from latitudinal extremes.


Dr. Helena Reinardy, SAMS

Dr. Kim Last, SAMS

Dr. Ted Henry, Heriot Watt University 

Pr. Melody Clark, British Antarctic Survey 



Start Date




February 2019 – March 2019 - Intern - Bio-Littoral Laboratory at Nantes, France

February 2021 – June 2021 - Intern - IHPE (Interactions – Hosts – Pathogens – Environment) Laboratory at Perpignan, France


2019 - Bachelor of Science, Earth and Life Sciences – Biology and Ecology Pathway - University of Nantes

2021 - Master of Science, Earth and Planetary Science, Environment – Ecosystems and Marine Bioproduction Pathway - University of Nantes