Dr Lewis Drysdale

        Head and shoulder photo of Dr Lewis Drysdale in a laboratory

Ocean instrumentation and robotics support scientist

As an ocean instrumentation and robotics support scientist, I am working with moorings, gliders, and AUVs.

My work is observational focussing on physical oceanography of the deep ocean and shelf regions around the mid-latitudes and polar regions. My main role is the acquisition of data, processing of data, and quality control to support a broad range of marine science.


Contact details:

My role at SAMS is primarily to do with robotics including AUV and glider operations. I am involved in all aspects of robotics operations from logistics to deployment and piloting to data processing. I am a sea going oceanographer and, as such, I regularly participate in research cruises. I also work with data from the instruments we deploy including multi-year oceanographic data from moorings or CTD profiles. Part of my role is to develop and curate data processing toolboxes and other software for reading and processing data.


Projects I am currently working on

Overturning in the Subpolar North Atlantic Program (UK-OSNAP)

Climate Linked Atlantic Sector Science (CLASS)

PRIZE Arctic Productivity in the Seasonal Ice Zone (Arctic PRIZE)

Marine Protected Area Management and Monitoring (MarPAMM)




Gavia offshore surveyor


CTD (moored and profiling)



Fieldwork experience

Mooring deployments

CTD operations

Bathymetric surveys

Offshore research expeditions to Antarctica, Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans aboard RRS James Clark Ross, RRS James Cook and RRS Discovery



Research vessels; sailing ships; RIBs


Relevant training courses / qualifications achieved

Glider pilot

GAVIA offshore surveyor

Sea survival



2017 PhD Physical Oceanography. University of Aberdeen (SAMS UHI)

2013 BSc (Hons) Marine Science. University of the Highlands and Islands


Employment history

2019-2020 Physical Oceanographer. National Oceanography Centre (Liverpool)

2018-2019 Physical Oceanographer. Marine Scotland Science, Scottish Government (Aberdeen)