Jamie Rowell

        Jamie Rowell wearing a white lab coat in with an algal culture inside the Culture Collection lab

CCAP Support Scientist

After finishing my degree at Stirling University, I started at SAMS in 2022 as my first job in science. I am working within SAMS as a support scientist for the Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa where I am mainly responsible for making the growth media required for the cultures.

Contact details:
  • jamie.rowell@sams.ac.uk
  • +44 (0)1631 559 381

My role at SAMS

I support CCAP activities by making the growth media required for all cultures in addition to customer orders. I am responsible for ensuring in-house equipment is up to ISO 9001:2015 standards and that there is a continuous supply of clean glassware available.

I also support CCAP-ARIES scale up projects involving preparing, monitoring, harvesting, and cleaning our four 70L photobioreactors and membrane harvester.

Finally, I support the Co-op Fundation funded project 'Green Shoots from Blue Growth - Creating Blue-Green Circularity', a project that turns waste from aquaculture and fisheries into sustainable fertiliser.



2019 BSc Animal Biology. University of Stirling


Employment history

Since 2022: CCAP Support Scientist. SAMS