• Image showing a row of offshore wind turbines


UHI Energy Innovation Support Office

Energy is a key research theme for the University of the Highlands and Islands, which is committed to building a reputation for excellence in research across a range of energy topics critical to the future economic development of the Highlands and Islands region, and also to the long-term sustainability of the economy of the whole of Scotland.

The university is uniquely placed to make an important contribution to global research into new energy sources. Located in an environment that boasts internationally important landscapes and seascapes, and can be considered the primary European geography for renewable energy developments.

The UHI partnership has world-class facilities and multi-disciplinary research teams who are focusing on, and providing solutions to, the big energy challenges of our time. Our research teams have a special depth of understanding of the key issues surrounding the interface between energy generation and natural environments; be they marine, coastal or terrestrial.

Partner organisation can benefit from this multi-disciplinary energy expertise by collaborating with the university on energy projects, which could include:

  • >marine energy
  • >environmental impact assessment
  • >low-carbon innovations
  • >bioenergy and biofuel research

SAMS is the lead partner for this project.