• Underwater noise spectrogram from drifting hydrophones in the Pentland Firth while a turbine was operational
    MeyGen Noise

MeyGen Noise

Measuring and Modelling Underwater Tidal Turbine Noise

Since 2015 SAMS/SRSL have been monitoring the ambient and tidal stream turbine noise in the MeyGen site in the Pentland Firth. We thus hold a valuable and unique dataset to model and evaluate underwater noise from deployed turbines that can be set in relation to natural ambient noise levels in the area.

The work in ongoing and so far has been supported by Simec Atlantis Energy and the Scottish Government. 

The present project builds on these data and the existing research network, adding missing but important components to interpret implications of underwater noise produced by arrays of tidal stream turbines.

Role of SAMS on project

Using drifting hydrophones to measure underwater ambient and turbine noise in the MeyGen array site in the Pentland Firth.