• During an open day for prospective students and their families and friends our student ambassadors share their experience of studying marine science at SAMS UHI
    Our team of SAMS ambassadors

Our ambassadors

Become a student ambassador for SAMS UHI

Are you confident, enthusiastic and passionate about marine science, SAMS and UHI?

Interested in developing your communication and team work skills?

Would you like to earn some extra money?

Are you a SAMS marine science student in 2nd year or above?

SAMS UHI student ambassadors are the face of our “university on the beach” for prospective students and their families or guests. They engage with prospective students by sharing their experiences of studying marine science at SAMS UHI at public events such as Open Days, school visits and career fairs. They encourage prospective students to “sea the world differently” and consider studying marine science at our top international research institution.

Benefits of being a student ambassador

Not only do student ambassadors play a key role in promoting SAMS UHI and recruiting the best marine science students from around the world, but they also benefit from personal development and CV enhancement opportunities – all whilst earning a bit of extra money! Skills students can develop on the ambassador scheme include:

  • >Communication
  • >Team work
  • >Confidence
  • >Presentation
  • >Public speaking
  • >Marketing
  • >Networking
  • >Evaluation

How to apply

For more information please contact Pauline Clifford, Marketing Manager, on 01631 559 277 or Pauline.Clifford@sams.ac.uk (Mon-Thurs).

Applicants must be current second, third or fourth year undergraduate marine science students or postgraduate students who completed the SAMS UHI marine science BSc programme.



We hope to recruit a number of former students who have since entered the job market as 'alumni ambassadors' in the coming year. If you are interested to join up, please contact Anuschka Miller.