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Dr Kristin Burmeister with the Sonardyne Fetch AZA ahead of deployment in the Atlantic Ocean

Tue, May 16, '23

Deep-sea sensors will improve climate forecasts

Scientists deploy hi-tech instruments in the Atlantic Ocean

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Prof Michael Burrows is part of an international group of scientists calling on a new strategy to tackle the climate crisis and biodiversity loss.

Fri, Apr 28, '23

SAMS scientist adds voice to 'twin crises' warning

Prof Michael Burrows named among world's most influential climate researchers

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This year's BSc Marine Science fourth year students were praised for their presenting skills at the annual SAMS Student Conference

Wed, Apr 26, '23

Students showcase their academic abilities

Talks on topics from shellfish poisoning to marine mammals

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Blue carbon is the term for carbon captured in the world’s oceans, including organisms like seaweeds

Thu, Apr 20, '23

Water retailer helps SAMS tap into new research

New project to verify the effectiveness of seaweed in marine carbon capture

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Latest papers

A blueprint for integrating scientific approaches and international communities to assess basin-wide ocean ecosystem status.

Roberts JM, Devey CW..... Sweetman A, Unger S, Boteler B & Hensry L-A

Nature Communications Earth & Environment, 4
01, 19, 2023
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A new Progressive Management Pathway for improving seaweed biosecurity

Cottier-Cook EJ, Cabarubias JP, Brakel J, Brodie J, Buschmann AJ, Campbell I et al

Nature Communications(2022)13
12, 1, 2022
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Horizon scanning for potential invasive non-native species across the United Kingdom Overseas Territories

Dawson W, Peyton JM, Pescott OL, Adriaens T, Cottier-Cook EJ et al

Conservation Letters, 2022
11, 28, 2022
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Internal tsunamigenesis and ocean mixing driven by glacier calving in Antarctica

Meredith MP, Inall ME, Brearley JA, Ehmen T, Sheen K, Munday D, Cook A, Retallick K, Van Landeghem K, Gerrish L, Annett A, Carvalho F, Jones R, Naveira Garabato A, Bull C, Wallis B, Hogg A & Scourse J

Science Advances, 8(47)
11, 23, 2022
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Algalculture for Biotechnology

Tue, Apr 18, '23

Algalculture for Biotechnology

CCAP Online Training Course - 18-19 April 2023

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