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    Society & the sea
    People and coasts change one another...

People and the sea research at SAMS

The Laurence Mee Centre for People and the Sea was set up in 2014 to bridge the gap between natural scientific and social scientific understandings of maritime social-ecological systems and their sustainability.

Policy and governance is increasingly moving towards more integrated and holistic approaches, and the science to inform them needs to parallel this. An overarching aim of the Centre is, thus, trans-disciplinarity, which means finding a common language for communication between social and natural scientists without detracting from disciplinary expertise in each field. Key transdisciplinary science-policy frameworks for the group include the ‘Malawi principles’ of the Ecosystem Approach (Convention on Biological Diversity), and the ecosystem services framework, both increasingly central to marine policy and planning.

Members of the research area also engages in more specialised, sometimes internationally ground-breaking social-economic research, such as in the area of shared values of ecosystems and deliberative approaches to environmental valuation.

SAMS research area membership is not exclusive and is defined simply by signing up to an email list. The core members of the Laurence Mee Centre are social, economic and systems scientists, whose expertise is also available to other research areas. They are marked with an asterisk in the list that follows. Centre/Research Area membership also includes policy-focussed natural scientists and external collaborators active in nature conservation.

AINSCOUGH, JACOB*  Research student: Ecosystem Services Governance

AZZOPARDI, ELAINE  Scientific diver & research student (from Oct 17): Archaeology & cultural studies

BILLING, SUZI*  Researcher in Marine Social Science

DAVIDSON, KEITH  PI in Plankton Ecosystems (Interaction with aquaculture industry and policy makers)

FOX, CLIVE  PI in Fisheries ecology (Fisheries policy)

GREENHILL, LUCY*  Researcher in Marine policy, planning and governance

KENTER, JASPER*  PI in Ecological Economics

MARTINO, SIMONE*  Researcher in Resource Economics

MILLER, ANUSCHKA  Communications

TETT, PAUL*  PI in Coastal systems and Research Area Leader

RANGER, SUE*  Research student (p-t, MCS): Cultural ecosystem services

DE VRIES LENTSCH, ASTER*   Research student (shared SAGES): Ecosystem services

WHYTE, CALLUM  Researcher in Micro-plankton Ecology (risk assessment tools)

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