• Small crustaceans picked out from a sediment sample


Adapting Coastal Zone Management to Ocean Acidification

Ocean acidification (OA) in concert with climate change and other human impacts will lead to unprecedented and profound changes in coastal ecosystems. There is little knowledge of the processes of OA in coastal areas, about the potential consequences, to what extent OA will interact with other ecosystem stressors, and how society may respond to this situation.


  1. increase our knowledge and understanding of how OA may impact coastal areas
  2. make OA a governable policy issue through development of boundary arrangements for co-production of OA knowledge with stakeholders and policy makers
  3. assess the benefits of adaptive co-management for governing OA impacts through studying existing coastal zone management
  4. contribute to new models for adaptive coastal zone management


Role of SAMS

SAMS will undertake a comparative case study in Argyll, working with stakeholders to identify the potential impacts of ocean acidification and how we might respond to them.