• A micro-algae production site in the coastal desert of Morocco


Agricultural Growth using Remote-sensing, IoT, Satellite and Autonomous Telecomm and Technology

AGRI-SATT amplifies SuSeWi's ultra-low carbon footprint micro-algal farms developed in coastal deserts with (a) advanced mobile network enabled remote-controlled seawater gates, paddlewheels and nutrient dosing pumps; (b) bleeding-edge 'in-pond' Fast Repetition Rate fluorometers (FRRf) that assess the physiological state and growth of our sustainable biomass, essential for natural protein-rich food and feed production in the UK and at global scale.

Role of SAMS on project

To achieve maximum algal growth and optimised AI-enabled system operations requires reliable short-term prediction of seawater quality at the entrance of intake pipes. Coastal upwelling of nutrient-rich deep seawater is sensitive to even small fluctuations in tropical trade winds in the presence of high mountains and tall islands. Existing regional basin-scale models have insufficient grid spacing (of kilometers) to resolve very-nearshore currents structure. SAMS contribution is to localize and couple the most advanced fine-scale atmospheric and ocean circulation models to drive sequentially nested domains of FVCOM with desired resolution at tens of meters. Such a modeling system will allow us to estimate the quality of seawater at specific times, places, and to contribute towards AI decision-making for enhanced productivity.