• a seaweed technician inspecting a seaweed harvest
    Seaweed Academy

Seaweed Academy

Seaweed Academy

Coordinator: Rhianna Rees

Providing a truly innovative and holistic service to the sector, the Seaweed Academy will offer:

 - Research and technical input on issues such as disease management

 - Developments and assistance in the field of social and commercial licencing

 - Support in establishing a commercial business

 - Cryopreservation of strains in the SAMS-based 

 - Technical courses through UHI Argyll such as sea safety and manual handling

A network of over 40 staff and researchers, including internationally recognised leaders in this field, are involved in the development of the Seaweed Academy and its course content. The courses being developed will be a delivery of a mix of academic course material, practical boat skills, and on-farm knowledge.

By addressing the competencies and training requirements for the seaweed industry, the Seaweed Academy will enable further growth of the sector and increase the UK’s position as a global innovation leader in this field. The integrated approach to skills development will ensure that the workforce is well equipped for all aspects of seaweed farming, ensuring optimal growth of this new and crucially important sector for the UK economy.